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We are a taste of home that serves the Indian Delicacies that are super delicious and unforgettable.

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The use of natural honey a nutraceutical is associated with nutritional benefits and therapeutic promises.

Respect for Nature

The use of natural honey a nutraceutical is associated with nutritional benefits and therapeutic promises.

Beekeper Honey

The use of natural honey a nutraceutical is associated with nutritional benefits and therapeutic promises.

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Chaipaan Shala is one of the fastest-growing franchise companies in India founded. We are the trendsetter when it comes to innovation in delicacies, whether it's paan, chai, mocktails, shakes, etc.

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To create an unmatched experience by maintaining food quality, hygiene, service, environment, and customer satisfaction.

With our efforts in the food industry, we ensure that our brand sets an example for the industry.

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We are known for quality, taste, service and healthy products which fulfil our customer's satisfaction. We believe in New Innovation and a unique business model to create a unique business opportunity, that will be a win-win situation for all.

Carry forwarding to our success milestone with 500+ outlets, we are giving the opportunity to others to join us and start their success journey..

Only 100% real Australian Honey

Increases immunity Honey

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Everything Your Body Needs


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konaret Lils
CEO & Funder
Aroshi Ben
Repome Jos
Juliya Klein

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Ladoo Paan

outlet Paan

Smoke Paan

outlet Paan

Fire Paan

outlet Paan

Paan Shot

Drinks outlet Paan

Kulhar Chai

Chai outlet

Cheezy Pizza



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Elevate in Beekeeping

I've been a proud franchisee of Chaipaan Shala for over a year now, and I can't express enough how grateful I am for their exceptional support. From the very beginning, they guided me through the setup process. I highly recommend the Chaipaan Shala for the

Pankit Arora

I appreciate Chaipaan Shala for their commitment to quality in every item. They use the finest ingredients for their chai. paan, and other recipes. Every item of theirs has its unique taste and hits customer's taste buds. I'm proud to be a part of the

Varun jha

Chaipaan Shala has a distinctive brand identity. I gained a lot from their well-established reputation as a franchisee. Customers trust them and this makes it easy to get customers in my cafe. Their franchise is a great opportunity for starting a journey towards a bright

Manpreet Singh


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